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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Paid search has been the pride and joy of digital marketing strategies due to its strong ROI and guaranteed visibility. Not surprisingly, paid search generally commands two-thirds of the media budget even today.

But with rising bid costs, a large number of keywords, increased in internet users base and the emergence of new devices like mobile, tab, pads etc the space is becoming increasingly competitive and complex.

Digital Love provides Search Engine Marketing (SEM,PPC,CPM) services for all Major search engine platforms including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With search engine marketing, you can position a large variety of texts, banners and video ads to people who are interested in the type of service or products you offer.

As your online marketing agency, we will conduct the necessary market research, and then create your Google Adwords campaign, Yahoo and MSN’s Bing search engine marketing strategies, as well as monitor and optimize your campaigns to deliver the most successful results.

Our deep understanding of online marketing has empowered and benefited our clients by delivering the best conversion rate as we manage each Search Engine Marketing campaign at the most detailed level, drilling down to keyword level performance and optimization.

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