About Us


About US

Digital Love is India‘s leading new aged digital media Services & Training  company based in Bangalore, India.

It provides high quality digital service and cost-effective certification training programs in Digital Media Marketing.
We are a group of highly experienced digital marketers and educators who are on a mission to train the next generation of digital media practitioners.

We aspire

  • To help Entrepreneurs, Marketing & Sales professionals build fulfilling careers.
  • To cultivate and mentor the next generation of dynamic digital Media leaders.
  • To empower freshers  with job oriented & Industry recognized Job  

Learn from the experts

  • Industry thought-leaders to help you master digital media skills

Guaranteed career growth

  • Get a pay-raise, a promotion, or start a new career

Digitallove 's digital Service Advantages

  • Our SEO experts analyse your online presence, make suggestions and work tirelessly to get the attention your business needs.
  • They have access to latest tools, content marketing engines and work on graphics, banners with click to actions and links to give that extra boost to your marketing efforts.
  • They work on all facets using only white hat techniques and have the latest know hows of google algorithm updates.
  • They deliver your brand message consistently across all online media, share stories and articles that generate genuine likes and visitors.
  • Custom designed email marketing campaigns to deliver the right message, managing multiple lists, tracking clicks and response rates using latest marketing online tools. Getting more subscribers, readers and buyers is what they strive for.
  • Design any print collateral or online banners, coupons, flyers needed to market your products or services.
  • They have worked with multiple industries and clients from all over the world, this gives them the edge in working on tasks that are specific to your industry. For example, if you are a seller on ebay and also have houzz listings and want someone to work on re-targeting, we have specialists who have worked with similar business are yours.
  • Digital marketing agencies can work with our specialists managing multiple projects at one time. Our SEO experts are proficient with project management tools and can make performance reports of various online marketing efforts in your agency standard formats.